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Labels txt_how_quick_search_works The Quick Search form enables you to search for products, users and orders. To find an item, simply enter keyword(s) into the text box and click the Search button.
The search is performed in:
  • product ID, product name and SKU number;
  • username, first name and last name;
  • order ID.

To fine-tune the search results you may wish to force the system to search among products, users or orders only. To restrain the search, put the following keys before the search query:
  • u [keyword(s)] to search only among users;
  • p [keyword(s)] to search only among products;
  • o [keyword(s)] to search only among orders.

For example," to find a user with the last name """"Smith"""""," put into the search form the following line:
u Smith"



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